Elected Board Leads Foundation
The Foundation operates with its own Board of Directors selected from members of the Voters' Assembly. All members of the Voters' Assembly are members of the Foundation.

The Board is normally composed of seven directors, who have expressed a willingness to serve on the Board. Those nominated to serve are approved by a vote of the members at an annual meeting held in conjunction with the January Voters' Assembly.

Current Board Members

Dave Sattler, President   765-583-0119

Barbara Francis   765-463-7375

Kathy Cowans, Treasurer   765-532-7087

Mark Bowman, Secretary  765-474-4304


Dennis Buuck   765-426-0751


Jacob Griffin, Vice President  765-494-2736

Randy Strakis  765-497-1676

Please contact any Board Member with your questions and
how you can participate in growing God’s kingdom on earth.

Foundation Investment Philosophy
The Foundation Funds are managed by LCMS Foundation with the goal of protecting

principal and providing market-based returns. 

Creating Your Christ-Centered Legacy
Mathew 6:21 states, “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” 
To learn more about how you can leave an enduring legacy, please go to Make A Gift.

St. James Foundation Board Members

  To Create Your Own
  Christ-Centered Legacy 
To learn more about how you  
  and your family can leave a  
  lasting legacy to serve God's  
  kingdom, contact any St. James
  Foundation Board Member.