To Create Your Own    
  Christ-Centered Legacy 
To learn more about how you  
  and your family can leave a  
  lasting legacy to serve God's  
  kingdom, contact any St. James  
  Foundation Board Member.

Contributions of Any Size Welcome
We are eager to assist St. James members and friends who wish to provide for the financial future of our congregation’s ministries and missions. “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”  Mathew 6:21

Gifts of any amount are accepted by the Foundation for the
General Fund or any of the established Special Funds.  New funds based on the donor’s wishes can also be established.

The Foundation accepts individual lifetime gifts, memorial gifts, and gifts made by will or trust in any amount. The Foundation accepts monetary gifts, including the gift of stocks or bonds, as well as the gift of real property.

Gifts by Will or Trusts
Gifts by will or from a trust should be designated to the St. James Lutheran Foundation of Lafayette, Inc. You are encouraged to speak with a Board member before establishing special rules for use of a gift made through your will or trust to ensure that the Foundation can accept the gift with the additional restrictions.

Where to Send Your Contribution
Gifts clearly marked as gifts to the St. James Lutheran Foundation may be mailed to the church offices at 800 Cincinnati Street, Lafayette, IN 47901, left with Church staff, or given to any member of the Foundation Board of Directors. All donations will be acknowledged in writing by the Foundation.

Names of donors (not amount of gift) may be acknowledged in various written materials (including this website) UNLESS the donor specifically asks to remain anonymous.

Have Questions on Making a Gift

Need more information or wish to discuss your gift to the Foundation?  Please contact any
Foundation Board Member, or complete the Contact Us form.

Making a Gift to the Foundation